The world is facing noticeable resource challenges. Views about what change is taking place vary, but we understand that we must adapt to our changing environment. The most direct way to produce change is in our individual behavior where we are motivated by our personal experiences.


The three ACTIONS Project is a community-action program designed to support individuals in developing sustainable lifestyle habits and capturing individual experiences to inform greater change in community services, design, and public policy. The program provides the tools and process to implement 3 sustainable behaviors over 60 days. Participants will share their experience and insights through tracking, blogging, and face-to-face conversations with leaders that have the ability to influence community scale change.

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1 Participants will expand their knowledge around issues that result from the impact of their current behaviors. They will also be introduced to tools that enable them to see the impacts that their personal actions have on the environment and their quality of life.

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2 From across five categories and varying levels of environmental impact, participants will choose which threeACTIONS they would like to implement. Using the provided tools, they will record simple measures of their actions weekly to compare to your baseline behaviors.

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3 The process will facilitate participant reflection on behavior changes, what was liked or disliked about them, and why. These thoughts will be shared within threeACTIONS cohort groups in an effort to build a community around what is being learned individually. Participants will share their insights with interested parties in an effort to collaborate in breaking systemic barriers in the community at large.