The graphic below depicts the various stages in the process of the threeACTIONS project. Information about each of the components found below:

process map 1 Kick-Off Meeting
2 hours long

July 16th 6:00-8:00pm

  • • The project will be introduced by presenting the motivation for behavior change, the mission of the project, and the program goals.

  • • Discussion about what distinguishes the threeACTIONS Project from other community behavior change initiatives.

  • • Get to know those attending the meeting by discussing what your personal sustainable lifestyle goals.

  • • The tools and process will be laid out so that you can see how what will take place over the course of the 90 day project.

  • • Molly Eagen's shares her personal experience with adopting sustainable behavior changes (learn more about 100 Days Without Oil).

  • • Question and Answer

  • • Defining what SUCCESS means for the project

  • • Early opportunity for local participants to sign-up for the program and choose their actions

2 How-To Meeting
2 hours long

July 23rd 6:00-8:00pm

  • • Sign-up as a participant officially and select your threeACTIONS.

  • • Walk through the website showing what information and research is provided for each action (examples will be used)

    • -Learn where to find the information about 'How-To' perform your ACTIONS

    • -Learn how to track your experience during the Baseline Week and during the Implementation Phase

  • • Partake in selecting your own Cohort Group that will help support you during the program

  • • Small group Q&A time to ask questions specific to the ACTIONS you have selected

  • • Sign your Commitment Form affirming your promise to SUCCESSFULLY implement your threeACTIONS for the duration of the project

  • • Sending via a tea toast!

Implementation Phase
Over 2 months

July 30th-September 30th

  • • Change 3 daily actions in your lifestyle of your choosing

  • • Track your experiences using quanitative and qualitative data sheets that the threeACTIONS project will provide

  • Cohort Group Gatherings (30-60 min (decided by each group)

    • -Meet with your Cohort Group-mates at a casual and comfortable location

    • -Discuss the successes and challenges by each sharing one experience of each type with the group.

    • -Ask each other to expand on what things you learned from experiencing these actions first hand.

    • -Discuss barriers and potential ideas, tools, systems that could lift these barriers at the micro as well as the community level

3 Charette for Greater Change
3 hours

October 8th 5:30-8:30pm

  • • Reporting of the aggregate impact recorded over the duration of the project

  • • 2-3 participants share experiences that stand out to them with the entire group

  • • Introduce guests (Community Catalysts) that are interested in hearing about your experiences and what barriers you observed relative to their realm of work

  • • Small group discussions with Community Catalysts about YOUR experiences and what you found most challenging and what you found surprisingly easy

  • • Small groups exploration of barriers to these ACTIONS being adopted more largely and how these barriers can be avoided or lifted.

  • • Share ideas with the whole group

  • • Have an open discussion with Community Catalysts about the opportunity to use participant insights to induce meaningful change at the community level.

  • All Information will be made available on the website, including news from the Community Catalysts about actionable items as well as how to take your ACTIONS to the next step or next season.
Thank you!