Before any change is made, we must first understand what needs to be changed!

The threeACTIONS Project provides that opportunity though an exercise called 'Baseline Tracking'. After choosing which actions you are interested in changing throughout the course of the project you will measure how much you currently consume in those categories.

For example: If you choose the action, 'Take a Navy Shower', (which asks participants to turn the faucet on only when rinsing in the shower), the goal is to understand how your water consumption changed while doing that action. In order to understand this, you first need a 'baseline' metric of how much water you typically use in the shower. The average 10 min shower uses about 20 gallons so that would be an example of a baseline number. Keeping a record of how much water you used after developing new habits connects you with a concrete metric for understanding exactly how much water was saved.

In this way, by connecting participants to measurable goals, participants go beyond vague targets such as 'Use Less Water', and begin to establish a new more sustainable metric for 'normal' water use.