The initiative has been recently established by Molly Eagen and Megan Hoye who both see engaging the public as a means for gaining awareness and a compass to lead change.

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Molly Eagen is a designer with a Master of Architecture and a Master of Sustainable Design from the University of Minnesota. In 2010 - 2011, Molly began exploring the issues surrounding resource depletion in her thesis projects in both degrees. She is interested in expanding the realm of sustainable design to include a focus on ways in which the built environment can facilitate sustainable behaviors as well as material infrastructure. In her most recent project, "100 Days Without Oil" she participated in her own lifestyle changing experiment and measured many aspects of her experience in both qualitative and quantitative ways. Her personal experience with these activities has been a primary motivator for the inception of threeACTIONS. More information on the '100 Days Without Oil' project can be found at http://100dayswithoutoil.blogspot.com.

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Megan Hoye is a designer and environmental public policy student with a B.S. in Interior Design, a minor in Architecture and currently completing her Masters of Science in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy. Megan's education and professional work focused on human centered design and programming has dirven her to study the intersection between environmental policy making and public engagement. She has worked professionally as a designer with a strong focus in environmental research and is working towards an academic publication that focuses on many of the issues that the ThreeActions Project aimes to assist.

Both Megan and Molly believe that design and individual behavior have to openly communicate with one another and that they continually inform and mold each other. They hope to help find new avenues in which this conversation can occur through the recording and reflecting of both qualitative and quantitative information.